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Book of Incredible Video Game Fan Art & Learning !

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many pieces you've created, but how many of them blew our minds"

In this world’s first interactive Video Game Fan Art Book, you'll find plenty of intense action illustrations based on the biggest and baddest video game characters ever created. Step into the mind of the renowned artist patrick brown and prepare to be blown away. Video Game Fans.. WATCH GAMEPLAY & trailer videos and get professional art advice. 

- 62 pages of kick ass illustrations, video game fan art and original characters, and innovative QR videos
- Unpublished ILLUSTRATIONS !
- Preparatory sketches
- Tips and tricks of the trade

Also available in Digital Version with the videos

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About Patrick Brown

Patrick is a very respected artist and illustrator from australia. Drawing inspiration from movies, television, comics, video games and the like, he masterfully creates striking images blending traditional and digital art techniques. Patrick is best known for his unique comic-like style that encompasses raw action and movement. Much of his work encompasses popular videogame  characters including GTA series, Hitman series, Assassin’s Creed series, UNCHARTED series and others, his style has been duplicated over the years  and yes, he does take on private commission projects from time to time. see for details.



Patrick worked with  IO Interactive and the creators of Hitman to create fan art  illustrations for a Hitman: absolution marketing campaign. HE HAS contributed to clothing designs for action moviestar and stuntman  Scott Adkins (Expendables 2, Undisputed 2 and 3). Patrick has had numerous magazine features over the years, during 2010 he had worked with The Official Playstation Magazine France and had a monthly 2-page feature in which he created artwork based on the latest games. In June, 2010, he was awarded for Fan Artist of the Month by He also had a number of online features with websites such as Kotaku, Geektyrant, Gods-of-Art and more.  in early 2012 patrick's work was published in Anthony Geoffroy's World Famous Caricatures Art Book.

Patrick Brown’s passion for illustration only grows stronger with time.  he finds new challenges in each new piece he creates, aiming to improve to his maximum potential. This book is long overdue and we hope you are blown away by his talent. Stay tuned for a possible comic and exclusive video workshop and lessons that will turn you into a fanatic artist!. visit all the patrick related things at Find patrick at and say hi.


Preview & Buy Patrick's Art Book

A Look Inside 'Art of Patrick Brown: Video Game Art & Character Design'

Preview & Buy Patrick's Art Book


Preview & Buy Patrick's Art Book


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