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Sculpting hair has been a highly requested video, so finally we got around to it! This tutorial serves as an introduction to sculpting hair in ZBrush. We're going through simplifying the shapes and getting an understanding of how to sculpt appealing hair.
The base mesh is made using Mesh Extraction which is then turned into a Dynamesh, which is in turned retopoed using Zremesher to get a clean starting point.
The main concept is to simplify it it down into very simple shapes and then adding details afterwards. If you're going for an appealing sculpt, never sculpt all the individual strand. First off, you'll drive yourself crazy, but it will also look weird.
We use the Clay Buildup brush (with no alpha) for most of the blocking, along with the Move brush. Once the general flow is working, we go over it with a details pass using the Standard Brush. You can also use dam_standard to make certain parts sharper. Also remember to use the smooth brush to remove nasty brush strokes.
Some general tips:
- Keep it clean
- Make sure the hair is flowing nicely
- Smooth it out
- Check the silhouette
- Work from general to specific
- Never sculpt all the strands of hair
This is a fairly quick and clean workflow and we hope you find it to be useful!

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